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Japanese kindergarten kids out and about in Nara

According to the definition, a self-guided tour is basically a tour without a tour guide. They are commonly employed in museums because what you are seeing is fixed. When you are traveling a Digital Tour has a totally different meaning. The historical and cultural information related to a temple or shrine is fixed and can be summarized and even narrated with a voice. But everyone has that information in their guide books and from their research on the places they want to visit.

The biggest challenge of traveling without a human guide at your side is logistical. You can't make decisions because you can't read Japanese or speak it to get more information. This means that planning is hard and everything becomes impossible for the time you have to travel. In addition to the historical cultural insights that an ideal Digital Tour might include we have added precise train timings and platform / transfer information, bilingual instructions sets (English to Japanese) for buying tickets, confirming things, and general assistance for wi-fi, toilet access, food allergy issues. But that's not all. We also provide time-smart itineraries designed by a Japan travel expert, walking maps, useful images and more . . .

Our Digital Tours are ideal for travelers who want to be flexible and completely independent and for those who wish to really get off the beaten track. Many of our clients have used this service to travel to exotic areas of Japan for weeks at a time without a guide and staying in places where English is barely spoken. No problem! Just open the PDF attachment on your phone and everything (well almost everything) is right there. My clients frequently use this service to travel by taxi all over Kyoto or Tokyo with non-English speaking drivers. Large groups use this service to hire tour buses and guide the driver through itineraries of their choice. What could a Digital Tour do for your family or group?

Arashiyama on the Hozugawa River looking northwest late afternoon

Our highly popular (with all our clients) self guided tours are all customized to your individual or group needs and designed for good time flow, flexibility, and ease of travel in amazing ways! YJPT Self Guided tours are a great way to see and experience Tokyo or Kyoto on your own, or remote places in Japan. With these smart, compact PDFs (downloaded to your smartphone), complete with maps, historical and cultural summaries, you can see and do a lot on a flexible tour schedule, and save between 58% and 76% compared with our guided Japan day and city tours.

For really great value consider our five to seven, 7-10, 10-14 day tour packages anywhere in Japan for your 2017 or 2018 holiday, vacation or business trip. These smart packages combine guided tour days and self guided day tours in three styles: Basic, Premium, and First Class. All our Premium and First Class packages are totally flexible and include free restaurant reservations. These Japan holiday packages are personalized and well planned by a Japan travel expert. Every package includes friendly licensed bilingual guides (a great way to learn about trains and subways) and detailed digital (PDF format) guidance for buying train tickets, exact train schedules, bilingual taxi instructions, walking maps and free tips and extras.

Tokyo Private Tours: Most popular YJPT Tokyo highlight tours and other custom one day tours in Tokyo. Day Trips & Tours from Tokyo: Custom day tours to Mount Fuji | Lake Kawaguchi | Hakone, Kamakura and Nikko. Let us know how we can get your trip started today!

Kyoto Private Tours: Top YJPT Kyoto highlight tours and other unique one day adventures in Kyoto. Day Trips & Tours from Kyoto: Custom day trips from Kyoto include the older Imperial capital of Nara, Shiga and the Miho Museum, Himeji | Kurashiki, the Tango Penninsula, and Hiroshima. Let us know how you would like to do Kyoto today!

Osaka Private Tours: Our Osaka private tours are a great way to learn about Osaka's unique culture, famous for food and bright color fun day and night. Day Trips & Tours from Osaka: There are so many places an hour from Osaka including Nara, Kyoto, Kobe, Himeji | Kurashiki. All of these custom day trips or tours can be part of your Osaka vacation or trip. Let us know how we can help today!

Other Destinations in Japan: We offer private guided tours anywhere in Japan and off the beaten track tours of Japan are one of our specialties. All our tours can be tailored to your specific interests. Please inquire.

Tours are subject to guide availability (especially in April, August and November). Booking earlier than later is always recommended (our cancellation policy is very clear). Payment by wire transfer and | or cash depending on each client’s situation.

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