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Self-guided, digitally-guided tours using bilingual, smartphone PDFs

A self-guided tour is basically a private tour without the tour guide. You can even find the term on Wikipedia. In Chinese, a self-guided tour is: 自助游.

Our self-guided tour options are ideal for travelers who want to be flexible and completely independent and for those who wish to really get off the beaten track. Many of our clients have used this service to travel to exotic areas of Japan for weeks at a time. These PDFs include everything you will need to get to your desired location in Japanese and English (simply point at the Japanese text to communicate clearly). This includes accurate train information (departure and arrival times, platform numbers, ticket costs, etc.). If the itinerary is for an overnight destination then ryokan/hotel reservation information is included in both languages. Our clients frequently use this service to travel by taxi all over Kyoto or Tokyo with non-English speaking drivers. Large groups use this service to hire tour buses and guide the driver through itineraries of their choice