Your Japan Private Tours: Private guided tours and self-guided tour prices and conditions

If you need expenses included in your quote please tell us!

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Guided Tour Rates & Conditions

Half-day 4-hour guided tour: Yen 31,000 (customized to your family or group's needs; Not Including Expenses, hereafter NIE*). 3/4 day 6-hour guided tour: Yen 36,000 (customized; NIE). Full day 8-hour guided tour: Yen 45,000 (customized; NIE*). Pick up at your hotel or ryokan unless otherwise agreed upon. Start times to suit the client.

Conditions: 1) The above rates are for up to 6pax; add 10% for each additional person. 2) These rates are for anywhere in Japan. 3) Our private guided tour rates include customized itineraries (with final approval by the client) and the services of a friendly English or Spanish or Chinese speaking guide. *4) These rates do not include expenses (NIE) such as car and driver, lunch, taxi, train or subway fares, temple entry, etc. You can easily keep expenses very low if you like to stroll and use public transportation (also great for people watching). If you require a quote with expenses included just let us know. 5) Cancellation policy: Seven days before the tour: 30%. Six to two days before the tour: 50%. The day before or the day of the tour: 100%. 6) Note: additional costs may apply in super peak season and for groups with special needs.

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Digitally Self-guided Tour Pricing (smartphone bilingual PDF format)

1) Half day 4-hour digital tour: Yen 7,500/9pax (customized to your family or group's needs; NIE, see above). 2) Full day 8-hour digital tour: Yen 15,000/9pax (customized; NIE*). 3) Special secret spot early morning and night digital tours: Yen 10,000/9pax (customized; NIE*). 4) Digitally Guided Tour prices include , where relevant, specific transport departure / arrival times, platform numbers, ticket costs, detailed guidance in Japanese and English, lunch or dinner suggestions, and all relevant travel phrases in Japanese and English. Example Digital Tours for both city tours and countrywide travel options available on request.

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Other charges and fees: reservations, tickets, special arrangements

1) Airport transfer arrangements:: Airport pickup and delivery anywhere in the country: Yen 6,000/9pax (more for larger groups, please inquire). Generally the client pays the driver directly and we receive no commission on these arrangements. 2) Car and driver | Bus & driver transport arrangements:: Yen 6,000/9pax. For special needs or extra comfort we also arrange car & driver or van & driver or bus & driver hiring across the country. Usually, the client pays the driver directly.3) Accommodation and dining reservations:: Yen 6,000/9pax. For longer or multi-day trips across Japan, we often make hotel or ryokan inn reservations or special restaurant reservations (Japan is a foodie paradise and for the finest restaurants special arrangements are absolutely necessary.4) Special event tickets arrangements: Yen 7,000/6pax (more for larger groups, please inquire). Sumo tickets, Ghibli Museum tickets, special event tickets, train tickets, airplane tickets, etc.5) Other popular services:For specific prices on these services please inquire. We sometimes plan conferences, arrange for special wedding or business banquets and events. We also provide private Geisha | Maiko dinner performances in Kyoto's legendary Gion district (please inquire for details).

Payment Methods Accepted

We accept payment by bank wire transfer, and in cash (Yen, dollars, euros) paid directly to a guide or via secure cash courier service. For wire transfer payment, Your Japan Private Tours | Ian Ropke has bank accounts in Japan and Canada. Some of products and services require 50% pre-payment.